State farm:

Concept & Creative Direction

Most of what State Farm does is solid, logical work in an entertaining way. We got them to be able to talk to an NBA fan as well as current pop and hip hop music fans... in entertaining ways.

State Farm threw a massive party in New Orleans during the NBA All-Star weekend. DJ Khalid and Chris Paul hosted. Tune ins dove deep into the culture of giving back in New Orleans.

DJ Khalid and Chris Paul have millions of social media followers. It's a more committed viewership than most, if not all, cable shows. So besides the Facebook live concert we had millions on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter witnessing the event.

State Farm has "Neighborhood Sessions". They are concerts that are held in an artist's hometown as a giveback. This one aired on TBS during Thanksgiving and was 45 min long.

This is one of the twenty short State Farm neighborhood session documentaries. Same as the Usher doc above but with a newer up and coming artist. They were aired on Youtube in partnership with iHeart media. All of them have at the least 500,000 views.