Concept, Direction

A film for the band Low City's song Skyline. Lyrically it deals with a not so distant future with love lost characters.


It has it's influences in drinking lots of coffee, reading JG Ballard & Philip K. Dick, watching RW Fassbinder, Antonioni and Ridley Scott films.

Kathleen Munro (Alphas, Resurrection), Rachel Blanchard (Fargo, Flight of the Concords) and Devin Pedde find themselves in a digital attention triangle.


Jeremy Turner and Abe Seiferth are the core members of Low City. Both evolved in the modern technology of western cities. Seiferth and Turner, combine their backgrounds in film scoring, electronic, and classical music to create a cinematic musical conception. Turner is a former cellist with the New York Metropolitan Opera and has also performed with bands such as Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, and David Byrne. Seiferth has worked with RAC, Reggie Watts, Bear in Heaven and is currently working on the new Yeasayer album.


Enjoy with Pleasure.™