Concept, Strategy, Film Direction, Social, Interactive,

Event, Design

We partnered with Robert Nightingale on this.

Robert is a industrial designer and strategist who has designed past rOtring products. We got together and re-branded rOtring for their American re-launch. This positioning also became the new global brand.


Our manifesto for the brand states clearly that you must think, then create and that sketching after thinking is the best natural way to be creative.


Aside from strategy we also worked on print, PR, web, events, collaborations, social media and films. We also created a list of the top 100 creatives in the U.S. and sent them an 800+ as a thank you for their creative thinking.


A rOtring institute for learning was also created with the participation of top visual creatives explaining their process and teaching viewers a lesson in visual thinking.


All in all it was a multifaceted campaign that had great results.

We directed 6 stand alone interview videos and we cut them together to create the above Manifesto film for Rotring. The films to the left are two of my favorite of the interview films.

This video announced the rOtring 800+. It's a product demo with the same style and attitude we created for rOtring's other media. This piece has gotten over 1 million views on youtube so far.