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in the right way.

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brooklyn, new york  u.s.a.

It sounds simple but that's what we do.


The process we use:


  1. Have a chat and understand the communication problem, all of the positives and negatives.
  2. What is the brand character that is trying to be  communicated? Understand it's personality, tone, sincerity, and truth.
  3. Research the outside of the problem and explore the world around it. How are things going to change in 5 years for that problem? What haven't we thought about?
  4. Create the message. Now this could be a film, social campaign, naming, logo creation, stunt, or all of these. The trendy term of approach is "Media-agnostic", and we belong to that church.
  5. Unleash it in the best way possible. This could be layered over 6 months or a one night stand of a media event. Whatever magnifies the message is really all that matters.



Most creative firms want to convince their clients that what they do is unquestionable magic. And that only the creatively anointed can understand the ceremony of messaging. This is not true with us. We simply have the experience, and it's given perspective, to be able to guide the work to a better place.


All in all, communication is collaboration.




Lance Ferguson

Creative Lead

From an early age Lance was diagnosed with a healthy addiction to the visual arts. Design, Advertising, Film, Digital and Photography. With this condition he has done award winning work for magazines, design firms, web firms and some of the best ad agencies in the country.


Lance finds the truth in a project and then works hard to uncover the "the big idea". Communicating that requires a disciplined and forward looking execution, no matter what the medium. He's worked in Television, Film, Print, Web, Social Media, OOH, Product Design, Naming, and Logo design. All of these  can be exciting in their own way as long as the message entertains and is sincere. If you have a powerful idea and really know how to integrate it across multiple platforms, then it’s just a matter of setting it free and then growing it properly through its life.


An area that is crucial in creating meaningful and effective work is the relationship between parties. Client to agency, creatives to director, PR to SEO. These relationships and knowing how to communicate internally, before communicating externally, are the key to getting great work done.


To sum up, Lance's specialty is ideas and the avoidance of being a traditional creative.